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As Producer/Programmer:
Artist Title Label
Brain “One Stroke Done” Beat DVD-R Big Fish Audio
Frank Sinatra Remix “My Town” (2005 Release) Capitol Records
Brain Composed CNN Logo Music Two Thousand Strong
Nature Boy "Nature Boy Jim Kelly" Warner Bros.
BT Emotional Technology Nettwek Records
RUN DMC "Crown Royal" Arista
No Forcefield "Lee's Oriental House of Masssage" Stray Records
No Forcefield "God is an Excuse" Stray Records
Praxis "Warzsawa" Douglas Music
Buckethead "Buckethead Breaks" Stray Records
Gonervill "The Freak Brothers" Gonervill Records
Gonvervill "Gonervill Breaks Volume 1" Gonervill Records
Gonervill "Gonverill" Innerhythmic
Brain's Lessons DVD "Shredding Repis on the Gnar Gnar Rad"
Instructional Drum Video
Warner Bros.
Pieces "I Need Five Minutes Alone" featuring Brain & Buckethead Avant
Ice Cap "Issues" featuring Arj Barker Stray Records
Brain "Rocco Presents" Ion
Godflesh "Songs of Love & Hate" Earache Records
Tetragramaton "Submerge" Compilation "Fullcone" Ion
Fullcone Valis II Compilation "Everything Must Go" Ion
Fullcone "Tetragramaton Submerge" Ion
Praxis "Metatron" Subharmonic
EL Stew Featuring Buckethead, DJ Disk, Eddie Def & Xtrakd Om Records
Giant Robot "Giant Robot" NTT Records
Brain Brain Has Made The Worst Drum Instructional DVD Ever DW

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