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Cookie Marenco
Blue Coast World

Brain Announces Release of Worst Drum Instructional DVD Ever...

October 23, 2008, San Francisco, CA – Bryan “Brain” Mantia, has toured and recorded drums with Primus, Tom Waits, Buckethead, Guns n’ Roses and Godflesh, to name a few.  Today he debuts his new website, BrainBeatz.com and a drum instruction video, titled “Brain Has Made The Worst Drum Instructional DVD Ever” (or Dogens Irrefutable House of Chop Chop). 

Brainbeatz.com is attracting fans worldwide with concert video footage of the many bands he has performed with along with instructional videos from EQTV.  The new DVD, “Worst”, features Brain’s drumming with the assistance of musical guests Buckethead and DJ Disk, as well as educational segments, inevitable comic relief and “the thirty-six ‘pairs of opposites’ in the activity of the Heart-Mind.”

This new DVD follows the success of his cult-favorite “Brain’s Lessons:  Shredding Repis on the Gnar Gnar Rad.”  Developed in partnership with DW Drums, the new video further illuminates (by the green light of Dogen) Brian’s inimitable drumming philosophy.

When asked why he made the Worst Drum Instructional Ever, Brain said, “I perceived a void in the Heart-Mind and the apparitional voice of Shobogenzo urging me to preach the path of the Nyger Sanction.”

The DVD is now available at the Brainbeatz.com store.

Interviews available upon request.  Please contact press@bluecoastworld.com,

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